Latest JAJC news:

Bug fixed (I hope)JCL/JVCL libraries are upgraded. Fixed few related bugs with UTF-8 encoding/decoding.
Experimental featureSome improvements with <stream:features> handling
Experimental featureFixed problem with STARTTSL
Added/improved/changed featureNew --no-reg command line parameter to prevent creating registry keys
Bug fixed (I hope)Fixed bug with Personal vCard on some servers
Experimental featureAdded STARTTSL support

Added/improved/changed featureAdded/improved/changed feature
Bug fixed (I hope)Bug fixed (I hope)
Known bugKnown bug
Experimental featureExperimental feature

Main window (WholeBlack.msstyles)

Main window (Community.msstyles)

Main window (metallic.theme)

Main window (watercolor_olive.theme)

Chat window

incoming message window

New message window

Messages history window

Groupchat window

Browser window

Preferences window

Advanced editor component for Delphi
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