Latest JAJC news:

Experimental feature--noTLS11 command line parameter to disable TLS v 1.1 client offer
Experimental featureTLS compability improvements
Added/improved/changed featureDebug console improvements
Experimental featureWorkaround for OpenFire server "incorrect-encoding" error
Bug fixed (I hope)JCL/JVCL libraries are upgraded. Fixed few related bugs with UTF-8 encoding/decoding.
Experimental featureSome improvements with <stream:features> handling
Experimental featureFixed problem with STARTTLS

Added/improved/changed featureAdded/improved/changed feature
Bug fixed (I hope)Bug fixed (I hope)
Known bugKnown bug
Experimental featureExperimental feature

JAJC downloads (language files)

big5.lng繁體中文 by Aman Chang, 阿保
big5.lng filesize: 43Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
brazilian portuguese.lngPortuguese (Brazil) by Edson G. Schubert, Celso M. Kuwajima
brazilian portuguese.lng filesize: 71Kb, released: 13-Aug-2009
bulgarian.lngБългарски by Боян Павлов, Boianski
bulgarian.lng filesize: 64Kb, released: 10-Oct-2007
catalan.lngCatalà by Lluís Gras
catalan.lng filesize: 45Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
czech.lngCzech by Jan Mrzena
czech.lng filesize: 63Kb, released: 13-Nov-2005
czech2.lngČesky (byMonty) by Aleš "Monty" Kerner
czech2.lng filesize: 56Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
czech3.lngCzech by ElCon
czech3.lng filesize: 54Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
english.lngBase English by Mikel Ivanov aka ABS & Triangle aka Saniok
english.lng filesize: 69Kb, released: 02-Aug-2014
french.lngFrançais by Sam le Pirate
french.lng filesize: 33Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
german.lngDeutsch by Jaan Klatt aka Micro, Boris Weiberg aka Windapple
german.lng filesize: 66Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
hellenic.lngΕλληνικά by Δρ. Παναγιώτης Ε. Παπάζογλου
hellenic.lng filesize: 77Kb, released: 09-Jan-2014
italiano.lngItaliano rev 1.42 by Francesco Consumi
italiano.lng filesize: 63Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
italiano2.lngItaliano rev 1.43 by Francesco Consumi
italiano2.lng filesize: 65Kb, released: 20-Nov-2006
japanese.lngBase Japanese by Michael J. Nenishkis
japanese.lng filesize: 43Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
korean.lngBase Korean by Sang-min,Lee
korean.lng filesize: 41Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
lietuviu.lngLietuviu ver. 20030916 by Kesmis is AM ir Art. is SK
lietuviu.lng filesize: 49Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
lithuanian.lngLithuanian by Arturas Jaugela
lithuanian.lng filesize: 21Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
nederlands.lngNederlands (Dutch) by Peter Stoops
nederlands.lng filesize: 57Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
polish.lngPolski by Mariusz "Marian" Smykuła
polish.lng filesize: 40Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
polish1.lngPolski by JabberPL Group (
polish1.lng filesize: 70Kb, released: 13-Jan-2008
polish2.lngPolski by JabberPL Group (
polish2.lng filesize: 75Kb, released: 18-Jun-2008
port-br.lngPortuguese(Brazil) - 21/02/2005 by Edson G.Schubert, Celso M.Kuwajima
port-br.lng filesize: 64Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
romanian.lngRomână by Cristian Dinu
romanian.lng filesize: 43Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
russian.lngРусский by Triangle aka Saniok (based on Denis Ibaev aka Dionys)
russian.lng filesize: 75Kb, released: 03-Aug-2014
russian1.lngРусский by Oleg V. Motienko /Based on versions by Denis Ibaev aka Dionys and Yuriy Shonov aka $hon
russian1.lng filesize: 63Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
russian2.lngРусский by Denis Ibaev aka Dionys
russian2.lng filesize: 69Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
russian3.lngРусский by Yuriy Shonov aka $hon
russian3.lng filesize: 59Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
slovak.lngSlovensky by Jaroslav Serdula
slovak.lng filesize: 43Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
spanish.lngEspańol (Argentina) by Rodrigo A. Chito - Updated by MrSpock
spanish.lng filesize: 55Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
ukrainian.lngУкраїнська by Andriy Vasylashko
ukrainian.lng filesize: 49Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005
ukrainian2.lngУкраїнська by Andriy Vasylashko, Olexandr Nesterenko
ukrainian2.lng filesize: 77Kb, released: 08-Dec-2008
zh.lng简体中文 by Alex Hu
zh.lng filesize: 32Kb, released: 10-Nov-2005

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