Latest JAJC news:

Experimental feature--noTLS11 command line parameter to disable TLS v 1.1 client offer
Experimental featureTLS compability improvements
Added/improved/changed featureDebug console improvements
Experimental featureWorkaround for OpenFire server "incorrect-encoding" error
Bug fixed (I hope)JCL/JVCL libraries are upgraded. Fixed few related bugs with UTF-8 encoding/decoding.
Experimental featureSome improvements with <stream:features> handling
Experimental featureFixed problem with STARTTLS

Added/improved/changed featureAdded/improved/changed feature
Bug fixed (I hope)Bug fixed (I hope)
Known bugKnown bug
Experimental featureExperimental feature

Just Another Jabber Client (JAJC) is a ICQ-like Jabber client designed to run in any Windows (32 bit) environment.

Jabber is an open source instant messaging architechture being built on top of XML. Jabber clients have the capability to communicate with users of other instant messaging systems (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, etc..) as well as other communication systems like IRC.

This is an "Open Bug" software: I assume that humans unintentionally make errors when writing computer programs. So, this code - like every other code - is considered buggy (this is why you use it at your own risk).

JAJC Features include:

  • Sending and receiving messages :)
  • Unicode in messages, chat, groupchat & roster
  • Chat
  • Conferencing
  • User search
  • Black list
  • File transfers
  • Avatars
  • PGP support (PGP v6.5.x - v9.x)
  • Native IMs icons
  • Bookmarks
  • Smiles and URL detection in messages, chats and conferences
  • Jabber browsing
  • Proxy support (S4, S4a, S5 & HTTP)
  • Notes (aka Sticky notes)
  • Custom presences
  • Notification's popups
  • SSL support
  • NTLM login
  • Traffic compresion
  • and much more :)

Advanced editor component for Delphi
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